Integration for Organizations – The Concept – Part 1

Recently, as early as some 2-4 years at most, the MNCs in Pakistan had started introducing and developing a new function of the organization; Organizational Development. More popularly known among practitioners and students as O.D.

Various aspects of O.D were always there in shape of TQM, TQCI, Process Re-engineering and Project Management etc. All focused to bring more efficiency through harmonization of multi-functional behaviors of an organization. O.D is now a formal, wholesome setup of skills, processes, theories and models that focus on aligning, developing and engaging all the functions of an organization to achive the organizational goals in the most effective fashion.

O.D is thus essentially the design of integrating various organizational functions to give the best results, with the best efficiency against set business objectives. It is important to notice here that integration, and I mean and use integration in a positive sense only, shall always give a produce, a result.

Taking it to departmental level we see how integration of various processes in a factory setup for example results in the production of a product item such as shoes, cars, cameras etc.

Taking the same integration approach to an organizational level shall produce and thus help achieve the organizational objectives of being the pioneer in the industry and making the ultmate profits.

 Integration is thus a concept, a design that creates “intended produce” oriented systems and setups.

The Part 2 of this string shall more closely look at the integrative aspects of an organization and the performance indicators associated with it.

Till then take care and Allah Hafiz.


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