The WORKINGDOM – Working at MNCs/MegaCorps

Infact these gigantic, super-stable, profit spitting, only for the best of the best structures become more like “Kingdoms” in their personality. Any vocal, aggressive, superior logic, diversity driven ideology becomes a case for mutiny and thus leads the subject to the gallows.

As far as the HR is concerned they are the King’s “Faith Guardians” ensuring that no one unless sworn to lay their lives at one blink of the king even enter the “walled fortress”. Thus the entire matter is given the face of hollows like “privilege”, “recognition” and further dissolved into the “standardized” setup for the wider machinery to fulfill its ultimate objective of “serving the kingdom”. Not that anything is wrong with it just that it is an in-human and derogatory way of achieving the same. All this is achieved at the cost of vanishing “individualism”.

This is a formula, if globally compared” applied in strictness to only the developing/under-developed world. All taking us to the ultimate objective of the west; to produce a loyal and tunnel visioned work force to fulfill the west’s entrepreneurial desires.

This horrifyingly is also a reason for consistant depletion of “entrepreneurial spirit” from our masses. Observe and you will know that most of the locally grown businesses were established atleast 3 to 5 decades back. We have very few, if any, mentionable business initiatives flourishing over the last one or two decades. 

The time today is to decide one thing before many other; are we going to be a nation of workers (spice it with specialists, focused, best at one task etc etc) or of entrepreneurs. As we say in Project Management, that success is a relative term depending on the extent of objectives set for accomplishment.


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