Your Life in a Mobile Phone – UBL Orion – Part-1

Disclosure: As a matter of record this post was originally published at Green & White by the same author at integrate. 

UBL Orion: Mobile WalletOrion Wallet LogoOrion Wallet Logo

UBL has a few days back launched its new product “Orion”, a payment solution via your gsm service cellular phone. The concept of this new service product is enabling your cell phone to make payments against selected/authorized products and services that you avail. You can see the demo here.Orion Mobile Wallet

How does Orion function?

The user level functional description is that a GSM subcriber needs to open an Orion Account with UBL. Just deposit amount (refundable/withdrawable) in the Orion virtual account and start spending by way of paying bills, purchasing/loading cellular service prepaid balance, share/gift money to other Orion account holders etc. Regular call charges/tarriffs apply on Orion transactions. The Orion service charges are separately payable to UBL.

Examples of usage are payment of utility bills via a SMS command from your cell phone, recharging your cellular connection via an SMS purchase request or gifting Rs.1,000/- to your younger brother on his birthday.

Or payment of your restaurant dinner bill through your cell to a virtual merchant account, purchase of an air-ticket, ordering Starbucks latte and paying while on way to office with the latte ready at the takeaway counter, buying and sending movie tickets to kids via cell phone, dialing a bail for your son…


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