The Techno Void: Is technology killing the experiences of life

Disclosure: As a matter of record this post was originally published at Green & White by the same author at integrate. 

First of all, It was really hard to find a “Anti-Technology” cartoon on the internet! ;-)


Small experiences make up majority of our lives and sharing of such moments with the youth creates ties that make us bond as a family and a society, generation to generation. However if majority of such experiences are limited to stories and are no more doable by the new generation it creates a regressive void popularly known as the “Generation Gap”.This great void directly and severely damages the societal framework that flourishes on the human interactions that the introduction of “techno-social” medium can not emulate. I’ll give you a couple of examples:

How many times do you cherish the warmth that was treasured when friends and family visited each other over the weekends. How clearly do you remember the last time you went to meet your school teacher or a old time friend while visiting your hometown. Have you recently received a letter by your loved one only holding which is a full experience in itself!

The point to ponder here is that should technology be at all permitted to replace the “human experiences” in life. Where using technology would mean facilitation and how can it simply take away a part of our “humanity” and lead the way to cloned disposable workers and cybernetic reproduction plants.

This brings to view the regulation of IT services; from the technologies that are developed and permitted for penetration to the content they carry to the masses. Who is to decide it, how could it be implemented, when to upgrade and how to penalize defaulters.

I say that the decisive role will be played by the consumer; hasty acceptances or careful adoptions!


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