truphone and Fring: Call FREE from YOUR Mobile Phone NOW

Disclosure: As a matter of record this post was originally published at Green & White by the same author at integrate.

Yes be shocked, be awed and hurray! Now you can make free calls (negligible rates apply for some landline and overseas calls) to any number truphone Logoin the world, anytime from you sweet little handy cell phone.

How does it work?

Most of us have been using PC 2 PC VOIP (voice Fring Logocommunication) services like , Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™ , Twitter etc. These applications convert the voice input through our PC mike into data packets, transfers these packets over, say Google Talk, VOIP server to the receiver PC which then converts these data packets back to voice that is audible through headphone or regular speakers.

Fring and Truphone do just the same; they have simply developed software application for mobile devices/cell phones called “Thin Clients” (yes coz they are thin, no need to open a tech-dictionary here).

Fring Network

For Details check How does Fring Work and How does Truphone Work.

What do you need to Fring/Truphone your phone?

  1. Your cell phone must be a 3G device, with most updated firmware; easily downloadable from the manufacturers website. Example; List of Nokia 3G Devices. All company cell phone list.
  2. Your phone must have internet access (through Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, 3G Internet Data Plan)
  3. You need to download Truphone or download Fring client on the cell.
  4. Start talking without a stop

What does it cost?

– Mobile phone software clients are freely downloadable from Fring and Truphone.

– 100% Free: Mobile 2 Mobile/Mobile 2 PC – Since data packets are exchanged over the internet through Fring/Truphone servers between the talking devices.

– Negligible Cost (From 95-98% lesser than what you pay now): Mobile 2 Landline/Mobile 2 International Numbers – Since the route in such cases includes some travel over charged networks (depends from country to country; may be free where local calls are free)

Check the tariffs for Fring and tariff for Truphone.

How does this change the way we live?

Truly Diminishes Boundaries: Talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime for any length of time.

Gives a Human Touch: Text can not deliver the same warmth and trigger feelings that a human voice does.

Boosts Commercial/Social Possibilities: Network teams will have a whole new meaning for keeping in touch. Global travelers will call as in the same city. Call centre agents shall service their customers from their homes. Trading and stock markets will become ever more faster. Son will call his parents daily from his dorm. Daughters shall cook while their mothers guide them on the recipe over the phone.

Pushes Telcos to a more Value added Competition: So much for the stupefying and user disturbing price wars and consistent phone calls by sales people. Telcos shall have a run for some real products both in terms of design friendliness and value for the user.

The Challenges for Telcos: Best interest of the subscribers or profits!

Internationally truphone is already bering the brunt with T-Mobile not permitting its subscribers to call any truphone number. This means that you can make a call from a truphone number to a T-Mobile number but not vice versa. See a demo here.T-mobile can not call truphone

The conventional Telcos are already fretting over this technological advance. Lets take the Pakistani scenario. Telcos are already targeting customers (new/switches) on the basis of consistently lowering price plans. Especially the new comers like Telenor, Warid and now ChinaMobile shall have serious reservations over permitting such VOIP transfers over their network. So do not be surprised if your calls are restricted already or in near future as the subscriber awareness increases.

Or the Telco service Cos. shall realize and explore the potential towards offering the “hi-end handset customers” the real experience. This shall be a true test of the product design and profit plan capabilities of the Pakistani telco companies. Djuice for one, should benefit from this new technology 🙂Djuice Logo

Even better times for Handset Manufacturers

We should see some interesting campaigns from popular hand set manufacturers capitalising their products compatability with the Mobile VOIP service. Nokia for one is already collaborating with truphone through cross promotion and offering Nokia Pro Members free truphone benefits.

Atlast Value for the User (or a call for Consumer Awakening)

The customers in Pakistan by pattern mostly benefit more from competitive or compulsive (regulatory or technological) reasons for the commercial businesses, in this case the telcos. Its high time that the mobile users show their resolve to benefit from these amazing possibilities and lodge personal and collective protests to the telco service providers in case any hidrances are created in benefiting from this facility.


10 Responses to truphone and Fring: Call FREE from YOUR Mobile Phone NOW

  1. Lee says:

    It time the telcos realise that the old traditional charging structure are dying fast they msu adopt or die

  2. Dan_the_voiip_man says:

    Lazy journalism!! I can’t believe you left out OneFone! I’ve found it to be a far better product than truphone or fring. Sort it out!

    It’s if you do want to have a look.

  3. James Love says:

    Hi, nice post – very clear.

    Can you point me to any feedback from users of Truphone. Issues I see are all around poor or intermittant 3G coverage = lost calls, inbound call fails etc..

    Any thoughts?

  4. Jeevan Kumar says:

    please let me know how to use mobile for net call

  5. soulmind says:

    On our visitors’ interest I have put below the link to download the ‘User Manuals’ on how to use Fring for supported cellular platforms.

  6. soulmind says:

    @ James Love: Below are some links on Truphone user feedback:

    Truphone Customer Feedback:

    Some Truphone USA User Statistics:–cheap–free-international-mobile-phone-calls

    A relatively fresh user review of Truphone:

    A user feedback forum at Nokia-Users Forums:

  7. soulmind says:

    By the way Truphone was also nominated for the Macworld Awards 2009 in the “Best iPhone/iPod touch application” category.

    The winner however was another application called ‘ConcertVault’ from Wolfgang’s Vault that gives you free access to the world’s largest collection of live concert recordings right in your pocket.

  8. phone says:


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  9. Backlinks says:


    […]truphone and Fring: Call FREE from YOUR Mobile Phone NOW « Integrate = Create[…]…

  10. payments by phone…

    […]truphone and Fring: Call FREE from YOUR Mobile Phone NOW « Integrate = Create[…]…

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