G.ho.st – The New Web on the Web

This application is quite futuristic in the way that it will make sharing a totally new phenomenon, napster etc, would sound like pre-historic as soon as the G.ho.st gains popular usage.G.ho.st Logo

Imagine countless users connected to a singular O.S with personalized interfaces but similar/shared resources. Being shared, on similar platform the users will seamlessly engage with each other. My God! Facebook, Orkut, Youtube, google etc etc would become dependent on G.ho.st to access their market.

World Wide Web, as we know it today, will become just a supporting platform for the hi-level “virtual web world” where everyone can come play, learn, exchange, live, work without any boundaries.

G.ho.st must surely be haunting a lot of heavy weights around the web globe. Anyone know if Microsoft, Google or any other giant is vying to buy out G.ho.st or even just buy & bury so that their distributed, sgregated, each item for a price business model can sustain a little longer?!


6 Responses to G.ho.st – The New Web on the Web

  1. Muhammad Asif says:

    I am already beginning to like the GeniTeam. Must be a wild pack of rebels, all streaming with crrazzy ideas and visionary light years away business models. Exciting to meet I believe 😉

  2. soulmind says:

    I understand the user experience limitations that exist in terms of bandwidth and capability of a browser to handle the dynamics of the WebOS.

    But I don’t think that there are ANY other alternatives out there yet; atleast the ones made public or exposed so far. Wikis, blogs, community share etc stuff exists but all these have limitations with regards to knowledge about their existence, the user permission based slowed down/blocked sharing, jumping between pages and sites, pop ups etc.

    Whereas the way I would personally see G.ho.st develop is a one view, one space platform with everything behind accessible to the entire community. Therefore the individual CPUs become a virtual communal repositorty of the G.ho.st fraternity.

    The confidence building element here would the unified OS that would ensure an anti-hack environment thus liberating the sharing process.

    I don’t know, I may be totally off the hook but I am fascinated with the possibilities of this idea itself.

  3. Saira Karim says:

    G.ho.st (the Global hosted operating system, pronounced ghost) provides a free and complete Virtual Computer (VC) service, including personal desktop, files and apps, available from any browser, anywhere. G.ho.st is the world’s first and only true open Web Operating System (Web OS), working seamlessly with leading third-party web applications. The G.ho.st VC delivers a mature, admin-free computing environment to every person, which is free of charge and available everywhere. The G.ho.st VC service is accessible at http://g.ho.st/ and G.ho.st’s home page can be seen at http://G.ho.st/home

    G.ho.st Management:-

  4. soulmind says:

    hmm…seems we have some Ghost spokesperson here.. 🙂

  5. soulmind says:

    So Saira how do you think Ghost will take users onboard? Whats the USP you think will generate the pull?

  6. soulmind says:

    (This comment has been moved here by the admin from another section for consistency)

    Khurram Samad

    Thanks for highly recommending GenITeam. GenITeam, a lahore Pakistan based software company is selected for outsourcing by G.ho.st incorporation. Its matter of great pleasure, that a Pakistani startup is selected for such highly value added services. Please refer to partners page at

    Please let us know if you are interested in knowing more About GenITeam.

    Thanks again for recommending us so highly.

    Khurram Samad
    Founder & Co-CEO

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