Captain Ahmed Raza Khan, Pakistan Army – Best Overseas Cadet, Sandhurst

January 19, 2009

Ahmed Raza Khan currently serves in the Pakistan Army as a Captain. Hailing from the Slaig village in the mountainous Lors Valley in Northern Pakistan Ahmed Khan excelled as a military cadet and won a place at the prestigious military training academy of the UK at Sandhurst. Outstaning military cadets are selected from leading military academies from across the world for superior training in a global-military training environment at Sandhurst. The British Royal Family also goes through military training at Sandhurst getting it even further recognition in terms of the high standards maintained and media coverage. Captain Khan as a cadet under training at Sandhurst shared the training batch with Prince Harry.

Captain Khan was awarded the Overseas Sword of Honor by Queen Elizabeth for best overall performance on graduating from Sandhurst. This is the highest award for an overseas cadet.

Captain Ahmed Raza Khan - Holder of the Overseas Sword of Honor

Captain Ahmed Raza Khan - Holder of the Overseas Sword of Honor

Captain Khan is a brand ambassador of Pakistan to the world in the military profession as an outstanding officer and gentleman. He exhibits the values of a professionally competent armed force with highest professional and ethical standards.

This is highlighted by the fact that the recently disclosed video by the British media showing Prince Harry using inconsiderate remarks while terming Captain Khan “our little paki friend” and Captain Khan reportedly having forgiven him while still at Sandhurst.

Captain Khan had the chance to reaffirm his professional excellence in July 2007 in a road-side ambush while heading a military convoy in a military operation against the extremist militants challenging the writ of government alongside the Afghan border in Waziristan within the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Captian Khan’s convoy was ambushed with a road-side bomb and came under militant fire. A bullet pierced through the shoulder of Captain Khan who was in the head vehicle of the convoy. Captain Khan, despite a bullet wound, fought off the militants along with his men for an hour before reinforcements arrived. Captain Khan was given military commendation for his bravery on the battle-field. Captain Khan made a full recovery.

Salute to Captain Khan for his professional excellence for the Sword of Honor, thorough gentleman behavior on forgiving Prince Harry for his unbecoming remarks and exhibitting true leadership and loyalty to his country under fire.