Signs of Allah – Do you really need to watch to believe

October 21, 2009

Signs of Allah have ever since been there for those who see. However for those who have to watch in order to believe a recent report from Russia claims that an infant male child has started showing verses from the Holy Quran on his body. These verses are clear, readable and verified against the original Quranic transcript.

Report says that where this news has created interest amongst the locals, from a Muslim stronghold, in their religion it is also being termed by the local Imam (cleric/keeper of mosque) as a sign of nearing of the ‘Judgment Day’. The local politician such as Local MP Akhmedpasha Amiralaev said: ‘This boy is a pure sign of God. Allah sent him to Dagestan in order to stop revolts and tension in our republic.’ The polarity in the interpretation of the supposed Quranic markings clearly suggest the difference in orientation.

Whether truly the work of the hidden hand, an attempt by parents to instant fame, a skin allergy or a media gimmick the real message is not in watching but in seeing the signs in our daily lives. Media stories can at best achieve some temporary viewership, a short-lived look-back to religion or spicy social gossip. A Believer does not need stories. A Believer is not born. A Believer is not created with religious education. A Believer can’t be programmed with TV news. A Believer can be anyone hailing from any religious setting. What truly makes a Believer and sets them apart is the feeling & the yearning to connect with truth in their respective roles. How does this feeling develop? By opening up to the space around oneself and merging with reality. It is easier said that done. Belief is not easy it requires consistency, determination and resolve.

Are you a Believer? Do you see or must you watch too?


Generalizing positive attributes could actually help Interfaith Harmony

May 23, 2009

Generalize This!

A Muslim man helps a Jewish couple on the sub from extremist Christian attackers in the United States of America. Unfortunately the American media is seen keen on relating individual or group violances when Muslims are involved with the religion and thus the entire Muslim community but somehow fail in relating acts of good citizenship and social responsibility with the followers of Islam all too often.

Young Muslim Americans speak on Societal Integration in the USA

May 23, 2009

Popular cable TV anchor and host Riz Khan of the Al-Jazeera English TV speaks to young Muslim Americans on their experiences regarding societal attitudes especially post 9/11. Also includes opinions by spokesperson of the Department of Homeland Security, American Government.

All the participants had a mix of opinion but the net of their opinion affirmed that being a Muslim surely had a compromising effect on their lives in the American society. The guest Muslim girls wearing hijab also shared that despite the fact that they chose to wear hijab without any compulsion, the American public in general thought of it as a symbol of oppression and looked upon the girls in a sympathetic fashion.

This discussion reveals that despite having diversity in the USA the society has really not been able to understand and thus respect their different lifestyles that emanate from their unique belief systems. The problem occurs whenever a sharp individual deviation or extremity is observed by the society and the focus suddenly narrows towards the Muslim community. This generalization of an individual act is the strongest dis-integrating fault of the American social system that has its foundation laid into ignorance of other faiths and cultures that collectively make up the American Dream.