Signs of Allah – Do you really need to watch to believe

October 21, 2009

Signs of Allah have ever since been there for those who see. However for those who have to watch in order to believe a recent report from Russia claims that an infant male child has started showing verses from the Holy Quran on his body. These verses are clear, readable and verified against the original Quranic transcript.

Report says that where this news has created interest amongst the locals, from a Muslim stronghold, in their religion it is also being termed by the local Imam (cleric/keeper of mosque) as a sign of nearing of the ‘Judgment Day’. The local politician such as Local MP Akhmedpasha Amiralaev said: ‘This boy is a pure sign of God. Allah sent him to Dagestan in order to stop revolts and tension in our republic.’ The polarity in the interpretation of the supposed Quranic markings clearly suggest the difference in orientation.

Whether truly the work of the hidden hand, an attempt by parents to instant fame, a skin allergy or a media gimmick the real message is not in watching but in seeing the signs in our daily lives. Media stories can at best achieve some temporary viewership, a short-lived look-back to religion or spicy social gossip. A Believer does not need stories. A Believer is not born. A Believer is not created with religious education. A Believer can’t be programmed with TV news. A Believer can be anyone hailing from any religious setting. What truly makes a Believer and sets them apart is the feeling & the yearning to connect with truth in their respective roles. How does this feeling develop? By opening up to the space around oneself and merging with reality. It is easier said that done. Belief is not easy it requires consistency, determination and resolve.

Are you a Believer? Do you see or must you watch too?


Challencheering for Pakistan’s win over Arch-Rivals India at the ICC Champions Trophy 2009

September 27, 2009

pakistan-vs-india PosterRun search on a search engine with the phrase Arch-Rivals+Cricket . I ran it on Google and guess who is the Arch-Rival for Pakistan. Oh you knew it already!? But I did not write ‘Pakistan vs. India’ with the search phrase. By the way try it for interesting results in Google Images. The pictures I have posted here are from the same image search. Even then almost all results are similar to something like the very title of this post. Yes my dear Pakistani and Indian friends, cricket fans and sports critics; Pakistan and India are the greatest, most widely watched, most popularly known ‘Arch-Rivals’ inside the world of the Sports of International Cricket. Over a billion cricket fans watched the Pakistan vs. India Cricket Match of the ICC Champions Trophy 2009 in the SuperSports Park at Centurion, South Africa. Why? Because it was a match between ‘Arch-Rivals’ Pakistan and India! You remove the vintage prefix ‘Arch-Rivals’ there falls the audience, the frenzy, the advertising money and the game of Cricket. Yes so serious are the consequences! ‘Arch-Rivalry’ is good for everybody eh. It fetches happiness to people on only one side of the Pakistan-India border whenever the respective team beats the other even more than winning the World Cup or lifting the ICC Champions Trophy 2009.

Now that we are comfortable with the term “Arch-Rivals’ that simply means ‘Principal Rivals’ keeping the feelings aside, we now need to understand how the supporters keep their teams motivated through the match to give their best and to …yes..say it… and to send the other team packing.

Pakistan vs IndiaIf you have ever supported your team at a sports game you must realize that the only and most impact-ful contribution you make to your team is to serve them with hot chants and cheers that keep their blood boiling, their adrenaline bursting and their minds focused on the rivals! You cheer them up! You tell them to play the other team out. Cheering for your team is the single most important part you play in the game. However the simple cheering quite simply is not meant for a game between ‘Arch-Rivals’. I do not advocate jeering since that gives more attention to the opponent. So what do you do? As suggested by some friends no you don’t serve them with sweet candy. Neither do you serve them with drinks. You do what needs to be done as a supporter of their ‘Arch-Rivals’; YES the team that you love and want to see prevail. Since there is no word or term I could find I have come out with a new term.

pakistan_cricket_logoChallen-Cheering (read chal-len-cheer-ing); made up with a mix of two words ‘Challenge’ and ‘Cheering’. This term Challencheering carries in it the positive and exclusive cheering that your team needs from you and the healthy dose of challenge that the opponent team must get. For example a simple punch less cheer for your team would be something like this:
– ‘Go Green Shirts Go’ or
– ‘The Stars are shining Green, Go bold them clean’ or
– ‘Play to Win for Pakistan’  or
– at best and popular amongst kids ‘East or West, Pakistan Team is the Best’.

Does it stir anything inside you as a supporter. Do you really think it will send a spark through your team to send the other team home!? Good Morning! Hellooo!

Try on the other hand the ‘Challencheering’ combos;
– ‘Pakistan Team is No.1, Bye Bye India We have Won’ (We Will Win…during match)
– ‘A hit, a catch, a howzzatt, Watch out we’re on ya back’
– ‘Team Pakistan 1 2 3, Hit, Catch, Make them Flee’

Yes just the right mix of blood pumping adrenaline for your team and a caution for the opponent to be ready, to be on the defensive. One has to surrender, lay arms and leave with a white flag and a fake smile. Exclusion games are a softer form of battle anyways.

So my dear Pakistani and Indian fellas, the next time you attempt doing any good to your National Cricket Teams please make some effort, pump up yourself first before attempting to bother your own teams. Challencheer the teams! Make your team win! Enjoy the game of Cricket till the Arch-Rivalry lasts.

Wait…so did we Pakistanis actually Challencheer for this match?! I hope so!