G.ho.st – The New Web on the Web

September 24, 2007

This application is quite futuristic in the way that it will make sharing a totally new phenomenon, napster etc, would sound like pre-historic as soon as the G.ho.st gains popular usage.G.ho.st Logo

Imagine countless users connected to a singular O.S with personalized interfaces but similar/shared resources. Being shared, on similar platform the users will seamlessly engage with each other. My God! Facebook, Orkut, Youtube, google etc etc would become dependent on G.ho.st to access their market.

World Wide Web, as we know it today, will become just a supporting platform for the hi-level “virtual web world” where everyone can come play, learn, exchange, live, work without any boundaries.

G.ho.st must surely be haunting a lot of heavy weights around the web globe. Anyone know if Microsoft, Google or any other giant is vying to buy out G.ho.st or even just buy & bury so that their distributed, sgregated, each item for a price business model can sustain a little longer?!